INFINITO + 1 is a foundation.  We began our work in 2008, 
but our mission came about much earlier when Jesus Christ said:

“go out into the world and proclaim the good news.”

To accomplish this, we produce and distribute movies, on-line videos, 
music, books, theater, educational materials. . .

Our motto is: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

This is how we work: Our Guiding Principles

Boredom not

FX of
the soul

Appropriate for
all audiences


Act now! No prior experience needed. We will show you what to do. This is how we have created an international distribution network in 35 countries. You only need to have faith and love.

Courage to enter
unknown territory​

Passion to overcome any difficulty

Sense of humor to laugh at your shortcomings

Humility to correct your faults and to be a
team player with our help and God’s help

We added your information to the FUNDACION INFINITO + 1 files to send updates.  If you want to 
accept, edit, or cancel at any time, send e-mail to:  fundacion@infinitomasuno.org or by mail at: 
FUNDACIÓN INFINITO + 1,  Calle Marines 14 Pta 5, 46183 La Eliana, Valencia, España. Thank you


JESUS CHRIST: “Without Me, you can do nothing.”
“Stay united with Me . . . and you will bear much fruit.”

That is why, the “Locomotoras” of Foundation INFINITO +1:

Hold daily reflection on the word of God
to ask for guidance

Attend daily mass and receive the Eucharist

Correct course via the Sacrament of Confession


We thank you Father for protecting the families of INFINITO + 1 that You created in the heart of the Church.

Strengthen the love that unites us so that we can avoid divisiveness and, if it were to happen, we can overcome it with the grace of sincere forgiveness.

Jesus, grow within us and send us throughout the world to spread the knowledge of your salvation. Thank you for making use of our lowliness to manifest your power.

Holy Spirit, the light and salt of our soul, manifest yourself through us as we spread peace and joy among those you put before us.

Holy Mary, Queen of the Apostles, be our advocate in motherly tenderness and fill our hearts with faith.

Saint Joseph, humble father and husband, protect this large family and help us find the means to accomplish our itinerant mission without making it our purpose.

John Paul II, our Patron Saint, accompany us throughout the land and send us more generous, humble, “Locomotoras” that travel with confidence and trust in the power of God.

Heavenly Angels guard our soul and do not allow us to lay claim to the glory of God because glorybelongs to Him alone.  Amen