FUNDACIÓN INFINITO + 1 Guiding Principles

1.- Our movies reveal God’s presence in today’s world. We don’t present theories; our protagonists are people that have experienced God’s true presence in their lives with concrete acts of love.

2.- Boredom is now allowed. This is the starting point for any storyteller. We love to laugh and make others laugh as a reflection of joy and hope without sacrificing the profound nature of our work.

3.- We do not fear mistakes because our errors help us to learn and improve. We only fear indifference, complaints, or unproductivecriticismbecause of what others are or are not doing.

4.- Our movies are for everyone. It would be a mistake to focus on a specific group of viewers, a supposed “market niche”since the message in the gospel is for everyone –

5.- We work to reach the individual viewer not a mass audience. Of course, we aspire to reach a wider audience, but during the production process, we work as if our film were to be viewed by only one person.

6.- Our films must move the audience to experience positive emotions – it is not enough to entertain and inform. Each film must invite personal transformation towards love – if not, it is only background noise.

7.- Demand creativity in the development of scripts, production, and distribution of film. We strive to find innovative channels to reach our public.   We safeguard our productions by separating the creative and business aspects of our work.

8.-  We search for the financial means to produce, distribute and promote each project in the best possible manner, without inflating the budget with extravagant demands or sacrificing quality in order to save on costs. We trust the generous support of people who share and love our mission and want to participate through their donations.  We also establish financing agreements with co-producers (individualsor companies), distributors and TV channels, and solicit public financing, if any, as is the case with any cinematography production and distribution company.

9.- We relinquish financial gains – that is why we are a Foundation.  The revenue from our films is distributed first to the stakeholders: movie theaters, distributors, co-producers, stores. . . The Foundation’s portion is used to cover our operating costs and development of new projects to continue our mission.

10.- We are truly a family that expands around the world, open to anyone, without prior selection criterion.  Our defining characteristics are as different as those in every individual who wants to join us. 

Everyone is welcome! NO ONE, EVER, ALONE.